This denomination is used for any technique which passes through the skin barrier in order to produce its effect. It’s part of a complete protocol of physiotherapeutic treatment which is always based on a precise medical diagnosis and is undertaken under prescription and medical support. It is used as an aid to stimulate certain tissues or tissue, nervous, muscular tendinous or collagen structures. With its help it is possible to continue with the adequate global treatment protocol be it medical, physiotherapeutic or therapeutic exercise. All of these can, when necessary, be undertaken with anesthesia applied by the medical service in order to alleviate pain.


Some of the treatments performed by our physiotherapists.

Dry puncture

Dry puncture is an invasive physiotherapy technique which is performed using an acupuncture needle, seeking its mechanical effect on a painful muscle or Myofascial point, called the trigger point. It is called dry because no type of chemical or electrical current is used. It is especially indicated for muscle pain caused by contractures, muscle injuries, stiffness, Myofascial pain, etc.

Ultrasound guided percutaneous neuromodulation

Intratissue percutaneous electrolysis is an invasive and ultrasound-guided physiotherapy technique in order to increase its accuracy. It consists in the application of a galvanic current through an acupuncture needle in the injured tissue. It allows a local treatment with high efficiency, and only the affected tissues are reached without damaging the healthy regions. It is especially useful in tendon injuries (tendinopathies), inflammation of the bone envelope (periostitis), inflammation of the support tissue of the foot’s sole (plantar fasciitis), scars, muscle tears and inflammation or pinching of the membrane surrounding the joints (synovitis).

Sometimes it is necessary to use high intensities for a better result and because of this we have the option of using anesthesia performed by Dr. Emilio López-Vidriero in order to avoid the possible pain.

Some patients are especially sensitive to this type of current, so for them we also offer the possibility of using anesthesia prior to the puncture so that pain can be avoided.

Intratissue percutaneous electrolysis

Neuromodulation consists of an electrical stimulation through an ultrasound guided needle of a peripheral nerve at some point of its extension or of a muscle in a motor point, with a therapeutic result. The objectives of neuromodulation treatment are to reduce pain, restore the function of the nervous system and improve the recruitment of muscle fibers, motor control and neuromuscular function.


  • Nerve entrapments: carpal tunnel syndrome, posterior interosseus, ulnar tunnel, etc.
  • Radiculopathies as a result of disc problems.
  • Neuropathic pain that radiates throughout the arm, of cervical origin. With or without tingling or crushing.
    • Sciatic pain which radiates down the leg, with or without tingling and crushing.
    • Chronic pain of neurological origin.
  • Muscle tears during the healing process.
  • Stiffness, muscle pain after exercise, adaptations after therapeutic exercise.


Neurodynamics is a manual mobilization technique whose objective is to actively or passively mobilize the peripheral nervous system, which is useful in order to relieve and even eliminate some types of pain that have their origin in alterations or problems involving the peripheral nerve. It is usually used in combination with neuromodulation techniques for the treatment of pain of a neurological origin.

Neurodynamics is based on the fact that the nervous system is a continuum, in which mobilization can help to release structures and alleviate certain problems.

It can improve the symptoms of problems such as cervical pain (of radicular origin), thoracic gorge syndrome, supine tunnel syndrome of the elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, pyramidal syndrome and other injuries of mechanical origin which affect the peripheral nerve (problems such as tingling, alteration of sensitivity, elevation of the pain threshold at the localized level, etc. may indicate that there is a problem with the peripheral nerve).

Professionalism and honesty

Our commitment is to make our extensive experience and professionalism available to all our patients, offering personalized attention to achieve a complete recovery which, depending on each injury, allows our patients to return to their activities in the shortest possible amount of time.

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