Dr. Emilio López-Vidriero is a super-specialist in sports traumatology at the University of Ottawa, Canada. In this section you can consult the different hip injuries and their treatments, both conservative and surgical.


The hip is the most supportive joint in the body and where the transmission force is generated from the ground up to the trunk. It is mostly injured in sports that require a lot of support and changes in direction. The typical hip pain is located in the groin.

My groin hurts: what can it be?

  • Impingement or femoroacetabular pinching of the hip.

  • Pubalgia: pain in the pubic area. Typical of footballers.

  • Osteoarthritis of the hip: usually associated with lack of mobility.

  • Hip synovitis: increased fluid, especially in children and adults.

  • Femoral head necrosis: in patients who have used high-dose corticosteroids.

  • Adductor muscle injury: muscular or in the tendon.

  • Inguinal hernia: pain and palpable lump when sneezing or straining.

  • Athlete’s hernia: pain without palpable lump in the inguinal canal.

  • Genitocrural or abdominal-genital nerve neuropathies.

Femoroacetabular Impingement

Also known as femoroacetabular pinching. Groin pain typically occurs when hip flexion and internal rotation are performed. Although the problem has been attributed to an increase in the bone in both the ball (head) of the femur and the concavity where it is housed in the pelvis (acetabulum) there is increasing evidence that the lesion is mostly of the cartilage and its union with the labrum or the stabilizing support.

If the injury is diagnosed early or generates little disability, it is treated by infiltrations that control pain and regenerative therapies, individualized physiotherapy, therapeutic exercise and optimization of sports modalities. When surgery is necessary, the underlying problems are treated with minimally invasive arthroscopy.

With our combined protocol of teamwork-physiotherapy-therapeutic exercise the success rate is very high.

Femoroacetabular Impingement

Explanatory video about the Femoroacetabular Impingement treatment related to hip injury.


It is any pain in the pubic region. It can happen due to multiple causes. It is due to a muscular imbalance between the trunk and the lower extremities and the fundamental treatment is to rebalance the forces through therapeutic exercise.

For pain control, depending on the origin, there are multiple therapies among which are ultrasound-guided infiltrations with anesthetics, corticosteroids, ozone therapy, and plasma rich in growth factors. The physiotherapeutic and retraining approach is essential. When surgery is necessary, all the origins of the pathology must be addressed at the same time.

In cases caused by an inguinal hernia, surgery is curative.


Explanatory video about the treatment of pubalgias with ozone.

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