One of the lesser-known injuries in sports trauma is those related to the hip. Have you had problems about this injury? When speaking of the hip, I also mean difficulties in the groin or pubis. Today I want to clarify what possibilities you can find and what are some of the treatments to follow.

The hip is the most supportive joint in the body. In addition, it is where the transmission force is generated from the ground to the trunk. Hip injury usually occurs in sports that require a lot of support and changes of direction . In fact, the pain is usually localized in the groin.

What are the reasons why my groin can hurt?

The causes can be several, including:

  • Femoroacetabular pinching of the hip.
  • Pain in the pubic area, for example, usually appears in soccer players.
  • It may have to do with osteoarthritis in the hip, associated with lack of mobility.
  • An increase in fluid in the hip. What is called synovitis. This usually happens to older people and children.
  • Necrosis occurs after taking fairly high doses of corticosteroids.
  • The abductor muscles are associated with this injury. It could be muscle or tendon problems.

Femoracetabular pinching, what is it?

It is attributed to an increase in bone both in the head of the femur and in the concavity where it resides in the pelvis. But there is evidence that the injury is mainly of the cartilage and its union with the labrum or eyebrow that stabilizes it.

The advisable thing in this type of cases is to diagnose the injury early. In its treatment, I focus on infiltrations that control pain and regenerative therapies. And, at the same time, individualized physiotherapy, therapeutic exercise and optimization of sports modalities.

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